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Key Holder


Key Holder position at Stokes

Position Type: Part-Time



Main Objectives:

To effectively assist the Manager and Assistant Manager in achieving the company objectives, for sales, hours, and profitability, according to company policies. To ensure the image and customer service standards are in accordance with company policies.


  • Must be perfectly trained at the POS to perform sales, refunds, returns, gift card activations, credit and debit card transaction, associate sales other than him/herself.
  • Must see that associates are following the Managements 4 Non-Negotiable Standards training and provide feedback to management on its progress.
  • Must be fully capable to open and/or close the store and make bank deposits.
  • Must assist management in meeting and exceeding sales objectives
  • Must keep track of associates' sales objectives and check if they are set and met on a daily basis. 

Experience in customer service and sales required. 

Interested individuals can submit their resume to the store or email to