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1105 Wellington Road
London, Ontario
N6E 1V4

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Guest Services: 519.681.0434
Management Office (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm): 519.681.0434
Management Office Fax: 519.668.1381

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Jeff Wilson
General Manager, 519-681-0434 ext 1805

Barbara Costello
Marketing Director, 519-681-0434 ext.1803

Cassandra Rath-Gregory
Marketing Assistant, 519-681-0434 ext.1804

David Lee
Sr. Operations Manager, 519-681-0434 ext 1810

Oland Sheldon
Operations Supervisor, 519-681-0434 ext 1808

Shirley Lake
Retail Accounts Coordinator,
519-681-0434 ext 1802

Linda Lee
Office Coordinator, Accounts Payable
519-681-0434 ext. 1801

Cart Wheels International Inc.
(Specialty Leasing Cart Rentals)
Susan Dennis, 1-800-236-1591