Canstruction London 2023

An Epic Battle Against Food Insecurity

Prepare to be blown away by this extraordinary event that brings together local architects, builders, contractors, engineers, and designers in an epic battle against food insecurity! Canstruction is not just any event; it's a dazzling fusion of creativity, compassion, and community spirit.

Join us on September 8th from 12pm to 6pm for Build Day. Watch as the talented teams harness their skills and imagination to create monumental structures, CanArt masterpieces, using only non-perishable items. These awe-inspiring creations are more than just art – they're symbols of hope and unity.

But here's where the excitement peaks: you get to be part of this incredible journey! From September 9th to 17th, vote for your favorite CanArt structure and make a real impact on the fight against hunger. Each vote, priced at just $5, serves as a powerful donation to The Salvation Army Community and Family Services Food Bank, working tirelessly to build healthier, hunger-free communities.

Don't miss your chance to participate! Voting machines are conveniently located throughout the in-mall display, allowing you to cast your vote multiple times if your heart desires. Or, for the tech-savvy, join the action online at The power is in your hands to make a difference, one vote at a time. Join us in this exhilarating mission to create a better, brighter future for all!